Logic is not motivating. –Dave Ramsey I found so much comfort in that phrase when I read it at the end of 2010. I was in my first months of depression and trying very hard to figure out my balance between logic (that I’d always relied on and trusted most) and the value of emotion. Continue reading →

Wyn Magazine

Wyn Magazine was created to offer a healing place for women who have fallen apart, and those who do not yet realize they are broken. It provides them with the knowledge, empathy, and direction necessary to help them pursue healing and wholeness. Our ultimate goal is to help them leave the houses of healing to Continue reading →


Had a very effective talk with Becky last night. It is such a relief to be able to talk about a story and have someone else have more than a clue what you’re talking about! Several useful things were clarified. Among them, Lindorm is a *folktale* (duh.) not the next fantasy epic; so I can Continue reading →

Art Feeds (other) Art

At least for me. Or maybe I’ve just noticed that a sense of competency inspires confidence which energizes another cycle through projects. It began Sunday with being very popular (not something I’ve experienced often), having to leave one music practice early to get late to a call-back invitation. At the theater I was one of Continue reading →

Re-Vision #3

Well, patient readers, The novel has entered re-vision #3 This is (again, I suppose) very exciting to me. I mentioned I was close to an ending, and was rightly encouraged by that proximity.  The difficulty (and nearly zero-productivity) following that awareness was simply an amplification of issues I’d been having since deciding to break the Continue reading →