10 of wands from Joie de Vivre Tarot by Paulina Cassidy

I used to write bios and build content for people.

You’re welcome to contact me for that if you’re still interested in my input, or would like to hire my words for your project.

My current offerings are primarily related to tarot — readings and coaching for both life and creativity.

Feel free to visit my main business site for all the details.

My latest venture includes selling handcrafted toys. They aren’t really for kids, but since they’re largely stuffed animals and dolls, I can’t adequately communicate what I make by calling them “adult toys.”

(That brings to mind an entirely different category of purchases…)

For now, you can see pictures of my work on Instagram @Whimsy.Sparks

The work is deeply joyful :) I love the part when the pieces (literally) come together and a new personality is born.

With all my words I’ve yet to be able to well-describe the magic of turning two dimensions of fabric into three dimensional personalities.

So magic does all the heavy lifting for now.