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9 of cups from Ostara Tarot

Having grown up in a conservative Christian environment, Wren never would have predicted becoming fluent in tarot, but the delight she found working with the cards outweighed any negativity.

A lover of Story and language, Wren incorporates cards of all kinds – tarot, oracle, and even vocabulary – into brainstorming fictional characters and building new worlds while writing novels for her own entertainment.

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That’s the official teaching blurb, now. The less-focused, but fully relevant stuff follows:

I’ve collected almost 20 years of marriage to the same man, 3 teenagers, 16 full bookcases, dozens of card decks, a mildly impressive number of pens, and two guitars.

This is relevant because I’ve noticed we often build the environments that shape us. I am shaped by what I see, read, touch and hold. These are my bits and pieces along with what I do.

My beliefs have grown and shifted over time.

It will shock no one to hear me say I am fully supportive of women at all levels of of leadership (both in and out of the church), worthy of all the same time and resources that go into equipping and raising them to teach other women and men.

The intensity with which I studied this topic, and found peace between my heart and scripture, paved the way to the next jump: full acceptance of gender and sexual minorities in the Church.

This is the LGBTQIA+ collection of “alphabet soup” some people like to joke about. But let me suggest that the expanding letters is a type of courtesy and inclusion in a world that is just beginning to acknowledge their existence.

3 of wands from Tarot of the Hidden Realm

I have a growing list of things that I’m learning and adapting that could, perhaps, continue to shock people who will shake their heads over me, but they are not my expected audience, so (while you are very welcome to stay and read, Dear Hearts), I won’t be addressing those elements except as they relate to my growth and (sometimes effortful) reprogramming.