Will Work for Cookies

I am so proud of my husband.

This weekend, for the 3rd or 4th time, Jay went out to his cousin’s house and fixed her computer.

That machine’s got *issues.*

And as soon as he got there, K started some chocolate chip cookies to thank him for his work.

Well, Jay did his thing, got it all functioning properly again.

Had a brainstorm and *Tip here:* asked them to take a picture of the screen the next time the computer does something dorky. This way he won’t have to spend time trying to recreate the problem in order to fix it.

As he was ready to leave K gave him a gallon ziploc of cookies.

And I thought, How perfect. Here is a lovely example of, well, two things. First the willingness to help out family without regards to reward (I think Jay’s chocolate-chip cookies are better than anyone’s, so it’s not like he needs her cookies), and second, it was a way of seeing all time as equally valuable.

They both spent an equal amount of time (exactly this round) in their efforts to bless the other.

Frequently, because our modern system of payment measures one job as more desirable or more scarce than another, the time of those doing that job is treated as more valuable. (This is where/why I guess the time of SAHMs is valued so little).

But an hour of my life is not less than an hour of the President’s, and all time should be recognized for what it is.

Watching my husband help another SAHM, honoring her time as as valuable as his own, I was proud of him. I can’t say (not knowing) if this is an accurate application of the term, but this is one reason I heartily praise him as an honorable man.

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