You Grow

At the book store last week Elisha met a little girl his size who was there with her father.

Both kids were dinging around (not-listening) and after a while I had to round up my three and take them to the bathroom for a diaper change (not going to leave anyone unsupervised, of course).

The dad (he seemed young to me) saw me herding them all and shook his head saying, “And I thought my hands were full!”

Smiling at the new thought I told him, “You’ll find that your hands grow.”

6 thoughts on “You Grow

  1. That IS beautifully put!

    BTW, I just posted my book review for “His Dark Materials” (The Golden Compass books). I’d love to know what you think, fellow book worm. :)

  2. So true. It’s like when people say “I don’t know how you do it.” (regarding having 3 kids in 4 years) I have often said “Well, God never gives me more than I can handle.” But even that doesn’t put the positive spin on it that I would wish. Even on hard days like today, I know that I have MUCH to be grateful for.

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