Hello to you visitors from the 5-Minutes for Mom Ultimate Blog Party!

My name is Amy Jane, and my blog is called Untangling Tales because I’m always looking at how things are put together and I’m an incurable storyteller.

I’ve been happily married for over 7 years, and have three children, all born in less than 3 1/2 years. I have the challenge and delight of staying home with them.

I don’t blog on a schedule, and yet I end up with a fairly regular output. ;)

I do try to post a new Tuesday Tale each week, and generally write about what’s going on in my world– whether that’s listening, learning, reading or relationships.

And words. What is said and how it’s said always catches my mind.

To get an idea of the spectrum of topics I cover you could look at the “Favorite Posts of Year 2” on either side of this one (the links are at the top of this page).

What else I write and do are covered fairly well in my More About pages at the top of my sidebar.

As a story-lover I find myself enjoying stories of all kinds, including novels, real-life, folk or fairy tales along with movies and even some television.

My husband and I try to be vary careful about what we consume, but we really enjoy the good stuff we find. (In Defense of Movie Dates is my justification of this “non-interactive” activity.)

And here’s a nice drink my whole family enjoys, as a “take-away” for visiting my corner of the party :)

One warning: I’m an “artistic” cook more than a “scientific” one. I’ll give approximations but I’ll never guarantee your tastes will match mine. So assuming whatever I offer is merely a starting place, you’ll bring it to your own perfection.

Strawberry Lemonade

  • 1 heaping cup of strawberries (we use partially-thawed strawberries since fresh usually aren’t economical here in Alaska)
  • 1 cup lemon juice
  • 1 cup sugar (3/4 cup if you prefer to taste the tart)

Pile into a blender and add water until it’s 3/4 full— to make mixing easier.

Once the ingredients are chopped, mixed and frothy you can pour the mixture into a pitcher and add water to the 2-quart line.

Happy Blog-hopping!

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18 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I also love stories (and story-telling) but, your Strawberry Lemonade is the best thing I’ve read, all morning! Thanks so much for sharing it!

  2. Thanks for browsing my bookshelf – I’ve replied to your comment!
    About to *bookmark* your site and come back when I’ve picked a plateful of fresh strawberries from my garden!!!!

  3. Hi Amy,
    It’s nice to meet another SCBWI member. You’re in Alaska. I’m in WA state. We’re practically neighbors. Oh, this blog party is fun…just so we can meet new folks. A writer. A children’s writer. Wow. A miracle to find some out there. Have you heard of Verla Kay’s Blue Board (Children’s Writers and Illustrators board)? http://www.verlakay.com/boards/index.php

    And have you heard about The Homeschool Lounge? There is a Writing Homeschool Moms Group there. Join up!

    Nice meeting you!

  4. Hi! Thanks for stopping by our homeschooling blog. To answer your question about “school envy,” my boys have not struggled with that. We’ve had the opposite experience, where we sent our older son to our church school for pre-school through first grade. During his first grade year, we felt led to homeschool both the boys.

    During our first year of homeschooling, the boys were in second grade and pre-school and they loved being home together (rather than being separated during the school day). Now that we’re in our fourth year of homeschooling, they definitely prefer it to going to school and want to continue homeschooling. We participate in a homschool gym class and Lego Club and various church activities where our boys can get together with other kids. Getting involved in a homeschool group is very helpful when beginning homeschooling.

  5. That strawberry lemonade sounds delicious! Almost like a daquiri or frozen strawberry margarita.

    Boy, are we on opposite ends of the earth… I’m in South Texas!

  6. OMG, I love strawberry lemonade. I was just telling my husband how I wish I could make my own. Thank you so much. You made my day!!!

    Have a Happy Blog Party!!

  7. With Strawberry season coming in, this is gonna be a great treat for the family. Hello from a fellow Blog Party Mom. It’s very nice to meet you.

  8. Hi! I just popped over from your comment at Teen Lit Review. I’ve really enjoyed your blog. I’ve read through several posts. I have a 2 year old daughter and am a SAHM. Thanks for entering the contest at TLR. I also have a personal blog:


    Please stop by if you get a chance.

  9. Hi, I actually stopped by yesterday but my town is getting weird weather (blizzard) and I keep losing internet connection and I didn’t get to comment yesterday. Your site is absolutely beautiful. I am very interested in fairy tales too. Have you seen the movie DreamKeeper? It’s all about how important traditional stories are in the lives of young people, and it’s one of my favorites. I will definitely be visiting again.

  10. Thanks for stopping by my party.

    Actually I can tell that no one has cheated on the quiz. For starters they’ve only sent a minute on it, secondly there are too many wrong answers. LOL!!!

    Hope you can come back. I’ll definitely come and visit your blog.

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