The Reading List

Things I have actually started, and not finished, that I do want to finish. In no particular order:

I have others that I’ve heard about and I want to read, or have on my Amazon Wish List, or are just sitting on my shelf waiting for that fatal first chapter to lock them in or get the thrown-out (like I did with The Amulet of Samarkand, though that did take more than one chapter to make me throw it out.)

My challenge:
Start nothing new.
Read nothing not on this list.
Read Bible before starting that day’s other readings.

Interesting how all this fell out:

  • Three novels (light, medium, and dark)
  • Three Parenting (again, different foci)
  • Three could be labeled spiritual growth (including Orthodoxy here)
  • Three on/about writing (If I put the poetry here, which I do.)
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5 thoughts on “The Reading List

  1. Amy Jane THANKS so much for commenting on my blog! “The same grace that called us away from what is destructive also trains us to live a life pleasing to God.” GREAT comment!! Thank you — I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. What a neat find. °Ü°

  2. Amy Jane, Take it from an old timer, such as me. If you don’t like it and have to struggle with it, ditch it and move on.

    Inkspell is Cornelia Funke, right? I tried reading her dragon story and just couldn’t get into it.

    Have a healthy weekend! (and thanks for stopping by)


  3. Chris– I’m totally a “fickle” reader like that (Amulet example, above).

    I managed to avoid her Dragon fiasco though. It was just re-published (I actually read this) b/c people in love with her more recent books would buy anything with her name on it, and she couldn’t write fast enough to keep up with the demand.

    My first encounter with Funke was her “breakout” (not her first) novel, The Thief Lord.

    Both that one and Inkheart (especially Inkheart) are wordy, but they’re both original and engaging stories too, so I’ve got reasonable expectations for this sequel.

  4. I recently created an Amazon wishlist and basically use it to keep track of books I want to read. It’s a really easy way to do it because when I’m websurfing or blog reading and I come across a highly recommended book that sounds up my alley, I can quickly click to Amazon and add it to my list.

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