I read Debt-Proof Living from cover to cover while I was still at home. That is, before I was married. And I had *no* debt. And planned never to have any debt (“except, maybe, a house.”)

I have no idea why I did this.

Still not in any debt (except for that house-thing), but was thinking about her “method” of debt reduction as I was observing my stack of reading.

What if I could apply that system to what I’m reading?

To summarize her “method” (without reviewing the book or checking if this is a violation of some intellectual property law), the aspiring freeman destroys the credit cards currently owned (so they are unusable, and no longer racking up debt). Then the budget is designed to maintain the minimum payments on each card.

When the card with the lowest balance is paid-off, the amount that was being used on that debt is added into overpaying on the next-smallest debt.

In this way the payout remains consistent, but the pay-off continues to accelerate.


I will spare you (for now) the entirety of my reading list. Things get on my “list” by me actually starting them. The list is long and varied.

I liked this idea of looking for the shortest one first, in order to finish it and move my reading time on to the next-shortest.

This of course would somehow have to include Bible Reading time (as the largest debt) as frequently as “other” reading.  That is, every day of reading would include Bible reading.

The downfall of this is the reality of two things:

  • I really do read only one book at a time.
  • I am notoriously awful about not finishing what I’m on before starting something new.

Is this what you call serial monogamy?

2 thoughts on “Debt-Proof…Reading?

  1. Interesting. I usually have several books going throughout the house. Right now I’m down to one – Anne of Windy Poplars – and not going very fast on that. I’ve spent the little reading time I have online recently. I tend to divide my reading time by what interests me at the moment. “I feel like X today…” Or where I am when I’m feeding Katherine…”Let’s see, THIS book is within reach! I’ll read this.”

  2. I have so many books to read (thanks mostly to library sales) that it will take months (years?) to finish.

    That’s a great idea about reading the shortest first. Perhaps I can get through my Winter Reading Challenge that way.

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