In Praise of Solid People

I came across a blog with Bilbo’s tagline, “It’s no bad thing to celebrate a simple life.” And it made me think of this poem from my Quotable Lewis.

Thank God that there are solid folk…
Who feel the things that all men feel
And think in well-worn grooves of thought
Whose honest spirits never reel
Before man’s mystery, overwrought.
Yet not unfaithful nor unkind
With work-day virtues surely staid
Theirs is the sane and humble mind
And dull affections undismayed.
O happy people! I have seen
No verse yet written in your praise
And, truth to tell, the time has been
I would have scorned your easy ways.
But now thro’ weariness and strife
I learn worthiness indeed
The world is better for such a life
As stout, suburban people lead.

One thought on “In Praise of Solid People

  1. Thanks for stopping by and thank you so much for sharing this poem. I am adding it to my book of quotes.
    Very, very good.
    An enjoyable read.
    I am very thankful for “Solid People”; the world would be something “less than” if it were not for such folk.
    Amy W

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