So Helpful.

No less than 1/3 of our small congregation have names beginning with the letter J.

  • We determined this by a very unscientific application of the old round Father I Adore You, assigning all those with J-names to follow my husband (Jay.) on the third part of the song. We had three pretty even sections.
  • This doesn’t include the three people (I know of) whose middle names begin with J.
  • Or the family whose five kids’ names all begin with J (their attendance is sporadic).
  • There is only one person on the Church board whose name doesn’t begin with J (Nate).

So when I’m telling a story from church I occasionally get a little gummed up.

Earlier today with my folks:

Me: So then Ja– Jer– Je– Ga! Help me out here! J-names!
Dad: Jehoshaphat! Jehoiakim!
Mom: Jedidiah!
Me: Thank you! Judy!

Nobody who’s met my parents has any questions left about me. ;)

Why I am the way I am.

I love it.

One thought on “So Helpful.

  1. LOL–in my mom’s family, for many years (back when there were only eight to ten grandkids and no great-grandkids), names starting with R outnumbered any others. In fact, the family farm is the R5J — and my mom is the J (Judy!). Even now, with twenty-one grandchildren (my generation) and fourteen great-grandchildren, R is still the most repeated letter, and we occasionally sound like a car that won’t start when trying to address a cousin by name: “R-R-R-R . . “

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