Quick question:

Have any of you readers put a recording of yourself on-line?  (Dedee I remember you mentioning a video of you directing ;) )

I have a couple older hymns I was wanting to share (since they’re out of copyright and won’t get me in trouble), but I’m not sure of the best way to do it.  YouTube?  Digital recording?

Jay will work something out, I’m sure, I just wondered if there were any voices of experience out there.

4 thoughts on “Quick question:

  1. I wish I were more like you. I’m a do 10 minutes of work, take the rest of the day off kind of person. :~) Ok, so that’s exagerated a little bit, but you get the idea. I’m am just naturally lazy. :~)

  2. I have a few things on YouTube. I used Microsoft Movie Maker to edit them and such. My Mac came with a couple of similar programs that would help with the same thing and I’ve been meaning to play around with them a little and see what they can do. All that’s the hard part. Putting them on YouTube is easy.

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