My Appologies

I just noticed how crazy my sidebar was reading in IE, but I think I’ve fixed it.

So sorry if I put you off with that.

Do feel free to let me know if something’s coming across weird– I don’t usually work outside of Firefox.

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2 thoughts on “My Appologies

  1. Sorry, I should have told you it was a bit wonky. However, it didn’t put me off so I guess it didn’t matter to me anyway. ;)

    My husband uses Firefox and he’s trying to get me to make the switch from IE but I’m just so set in my ways. Do you think FF is a lot better than IE?

  2. I haven’t used EI in… years probably, so I couldn’t feed you an accurate comparison.

    Jay and I are both very versatile and capable, but we both have our areas of expertise. I’m the writer, he’s the techie-poet.

    We help one another understand our different things, but in our information-packed world (and our full and busy lives) we frequently differ to the other’s expertise, just to save brain cells.

    So that’s how I end up on FF.

    I like that it (mostly) blocks pop-ups and ads, and my husband’s cousin (whom I’ve mentioned here briefly) kept crashing her computer till Jay switched from IE to FF.

    Never found the problem, but eliminated the symptoms, so that’s gotta be worth something…

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