Seven Years of Words

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All started this last day of February mere months before my 3rd child was born.

He will be seven in May, and I can’t think of anything more than this blog that helped me navigate the diminished language application of 3 babies 3-and-under.

They were read to and talked to, and held and fed and ignored and loved on.

And I wrote and wrote, untangling my muddled thoughts and enjoying the clear ones.

When I started, this was my “About” page:

Why this Blog Exists

I’ve been asked why I blog. In short, two main reasons: a sense of community in the relatively isolated workplace of motherhood, and regular writing exercise.

That, and, like I heard Lord Byron said:

If I don’t write to empty my mind, I go mad.

On this blog I explore all that pleases me: stories, words, writing, some music, discovering ideas, and how to think about them.

I am someone who has always processed by articulating. This is where my content comes from. Some is substantiated by my own research, but all is substantiated within my experience, and it is on this authority that I write.

“Where did you get your copies?”
“Out of my head.”
“That head I see now on your shoulders?”
“Yes, sir.”
“Has it other furniture of the same kind within?
“I should think it may have: I should hope–better.”

Jane Eyre

Who knew an ordinary life would require so much thought?

Anyway, I couldn’t let this day pass as a complete blank. Seven years seems pretty significant.

I’ve never felt like an expert, but we all start somewhere, and this has been my journey. If you want to see where I’ve come from here is a list of my favorite posts from year one, and year two.

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4 thoughts on “Seven Years of Words

  1. Thanks, Brooke.

    I think one of my favorite points of counting blogaversaries is realizing/counting how long I’ve know the awesome people I never would have met without UntanglingTales.

    So glad you’re a part of my “imaginary” world.

  2. Hi Amy! We used to be blogging buddies years ago, and I stumbled back to yours today because I’m trying to write something about the power of storytelling. I have very fond memories of your blog and writing. And I recently reached 7 years too. :) Good to “see” you. :)

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