There was an excuse for soft-porn in the paper the other day.

It was an article about sex-is-power, and had images from a “girl-band tryout” and a several-years-old image of an (also) under dressed Britney Spears. I was thankful the pictures were B&W, but it still floored me they fronted a newspaper section (okay, so it was both surprising and not that the paper would do it).

Jay and I both read the whole article.  It talked about the wave of exhibitionism on youTube and other places, and how “sexy” is the path to *power* in today’s world– and how these young women will do anything to feel powerful.

At the end of the article all I could feel was hollow, and sad. I didn’t really feel like it was inaccurate. On some level I felt that it was rubbing in my personal powerlessness as an (average-looking) mom, knowing that even well-written words are not going to compete with images for the minds of “the masses.”

But more than that, and at the top of my mind enough to be the first thing out of my mouth when Jay and I finally could speak again, was, “No wonder the elderly have no power in this society.”

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