Mama Tip– Pedialyte

If you have a kid (or a spouse) who’s been sick, odds are you’ve been told to push fluids– especially Pedialyte. The main problem: they have to include suggestions on how to make it more palatable.That’s how simply nasty the stuff tastes.

The last time I was forced to think about this I bought some Pedialyte of the “unflavored” variety and mixed it (instead of water) with apple juice concentrate.

No complaints and great compliance. Works for me!

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5 thoughts on “Mama Tip– Pedialyte

  1. Great tip! (And I love your new banner!) The Pedialyte freezer pops work too, but they’re really messy. And who wants another mess when you’re already dealing with tummy issues?

  2. what a great idea!!! I had given up on this product although appreciate it’s usefulness…now I too can return…you could think about contacting the company with the idea…they may send you a free case of the stuff?!?!?! Hope no tummy issues enter your house for a long time!

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