Write Like a Man

Kaye introduced me to The Gender Genie a while back and I thought some visitors here might be interested in my results.

I tested my novel (the opening chapters at least) and they came back accurately guessed to be written by a female. So, as there was a “blog post” catigory, I started playing with random posts to check the genie’s continued accuracy.

I found the results interesting, and possibly inflammatory, depending on who wants to interpret them.

The personal story/relational ones I checked came back with the guess they were written by a female:

And my analytical/practical advice stuff came back with the guess it was written by a male:

ETA: I checked a number of my male-centered Tuesday Tales and these also came back as male-written.

I find this somewhat gratifying, maybe for the same reason no woman wants to hear “You throw like a girl,” when playing a sport with men.

Going beyond basic politeness, I like to be able to hold my own and prove myself a reasonably competent participant on the neutral terms (i.e., by the rules) even if they might be a bit skewed to begin with (we all know that the strongest man will always be stronger than the strongest woman).

And I’m speaking literally here, so, please, nobody pick a fight. I’ll ignore it. ;)

3 thoughts on “Write Like a Man

  1. Oh, yes, very.

    It could be argued that the “female” words are largely relational (her, me, should, with) while the “male” words are more neutral and/or descriptors (as, are, above, what).

  2. Interesting! I played around with it just a little, and put a few “narrative” posts in – all came back as female. Then I put in the text of my Right to Life speech, and it read it as overwhelmingly male.

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