We’re All Psych Cases– or at least sinners

I am doing some light research about some psychological issues for my novels (latest article, “The mystery of loving an abuser”). One of my novels has a side-character enmeshed in an unhealthy relationship, and the protagonist in a different novel avoids something similar.

Both times, though, just trying to figure out how all these minds work and the interplay just fascinates me.

It made me think of an observation I made after reading a blog post about discovering Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Maybe it’s just me, but whenever I read descriptions like this I get a twinge, seeing shadows of myself. But then I remind myself that things like wanting to feel significant and noticed are normal parts of being human, and are not in themselves unhealthy.

I never cease to be impressed by the appearance that nearly every problem or disorder is the extreme of a normal human feeling and/or a natural part of growing up that didn’t pass in its proper time.

I think the hardest part about learning more about these issues is discovering how statistically irredeemable people with these problems are.

I don’t like irredeemable.

I think I would have been like Frodo with Smeagle (in Lord of the Rings)– it would have scared the snot out of me, and I wouldn’t have have the guts to pull it off without a Sam to share watches with, but I’d have wanted to risk it.

When we remember that all sin is Sin in God’s eyes, and that all sin separates us from God, hoping for the villain’s redemption is maybe a way of hoping for our own.

When there is hope for him, there is hope for me, you see?

It also holds out a hope for those I love that I know are still separated from God.

Is anything too hard for the Lord?

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