No Knight, Thank you.

I really wanted there to be a sequel to Batman Begins.

My husband and I both applauded when we heard the news of a #2… and then I saw my first preview.  And I was hugely disappointed.

I knew enough to know I’d probably never see it.

The plugged-in review only cemented this on the violence-level, and the Film-critic review on the stylistic choices.

All of my distaste was perfectly summarized in the comments of someone who actually did see the movie:

Too Dark.  Too long.  Too fast.  Too pretentious.  Too loud.  Too many characters…

I’ve talked before about “story sense” and that’s what I figure I’m relying on now.

~    ~

The whole reason to consume a sequel (on a screen or the page) is that you’ve fallen in love with a character, group of characters and/or their take on the world

e.g. I love how Bones characters always work together, find humor without being depreciating and — almost– always get the bad guy.  I’m always interested in another story (episode) about these people.

You want to return and get a taste of the first thing that attracted you.

If you get more of what you loved the first time around– if it gets even better than the original (remember Toy Story 2?)– it becomes worthy of “instant classic” status.

All that sappy wistfulness to say that everything I loved or wanted more of from Begins— complexity, depth, backstory and more— has been “traded up” for chaos and volume, etc.

Just now I feel the same about the movie same as I do about meaningless song lyrics: I don’t know why I’m surprised, considering the medium and the source.  There’s no reason they *should* make sense.

Other than all the examples of sense and significance I’ve already known.

And I am reminded why I’m disapointed.  I’ve seen so much better that it’s hard to spend my time on this just because it’s *now.*

2 thoughts on “No Knight, Thank you.

  1. I’m not a goth/horror person and all I had to see was what the joker looked like and that was it for me. I’ll not subject myself to the nightmares. If I ever watch it, it will be after it comes out on video when my husband can tell me to close my eyes. and even then, I’m iffy about it.

  2. I saw them backwards. We went to see “Dark Knight” this past weekend while visiting friends in PA. I had not seen “Begins.” “Knight” was entertaining and kept me interested in spite of a three-hour running time (and a show that started at 10 pm!). The best part of it was an incredible performance by Heath Ledger as the Joker. It was the definition of good acting. I think anyone who enjoys great characterizations in movies would love his performance. I fully expect to see him nominated for a posthumous “best actor in a supporting role” come Oscar time, and not just as a Hollywood political thing. He really deserves it.

    After seeing “Dark Knight,” I decided I should see “Batman Begins,” which our friends had, so we watched it the next night. We all agreed, watching them together, that “Begins” is overall a MUCH better movie.

    The only ways in which “Knight” was better were the before-mentioned performance of Ledger, which I think topped Liam Neeson as the antagonist, and Maggie Gyllenhal as Rachel. Her performance was light-years ahead of Katie Holmes’. Gyllenhal was much better cast.

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