Predicting the Future as a Demonstration of Power

Writing to process an idea.

From Isaiah 41:22-23,

“Bring in your idols to tell us
what is going to happen.
Tell us what the former things were,
so that we may consider them
and know their final outcome.
Or declare to us the things to come,

tell us what the future holds,
so we may know that you are gods.
Do something, whether good or bad,
so that we will be dismayed and filled with fear.

My pastor’s sermon a while back introduced a new idea to my imagination:

Telling the future doesn’t have to be just some mystical, suspect, power.  It can also be a demonstration of power.

The idea is that anyone can accurately predict the future if they have the power to make that future happen.  Parents do this all the time.

You will go to school.  You will do your homework.  You will not see that movie.

The child’s free-will comes in to play, but the parents’ power frequently directs that will, and/or enforces the ultimate plan despite the child’s choices.

~ ~ ~

I remember an exchange my parents had about God’s omniscience.

“God is never surprised,” says one.  “He knows all things at all times.”

“Then why did God tell Abraham, ‘Now I know‘?” asked the other.

With this different angle of knowing the future, I can reconcile this question for myself.

Those things that God sent his prophets to say, those were God knowing the future, because he was directing it.  The smaller elements of individual free will would not disrupt his plan, and he left that to their choosing…

Something more to think about.  That’s all.

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