I’ve been working on this with “no end in sight” since November 2006.

When I shifted my focus to a smaller portion of the story I was able to frame a smaller, more realistic, goal and had some form of hope that finishing a story was possible.

Last night I completed another chapter, and when I printed out my latest “status report” on the story I saw this  “wonder of wonders”:

Chapter 1 The Meeting
Chapter 2 Despoiling
Chapter 3 Old friends and Others
Chapter 4 The next meeting
Chapter 5 The Storyteller
Chapter 6 Unwilling Rescue
Chapter 7 Without Honor
Chapter 8 The Fitting
Chapter 9 Princess Cecillia
Chapter 10 Tykone’s Loss
Chapter 11 The Wedding Night
Chapter 12 Kjell’s discovery
Chapter 13 Dangerous New Family
Chapter 14 The Safety of the Swamp
Chapter 15 Out-law for an In-law
Chapter 16 Rescue in the Swamp
Ready for draft 2

The Chart says I’m almost done.  I can hardly believe it.

And, yes, “done” is a highly subjective term.  Just now I’m excited to have the possibility of having a complete story in writing.

It should go without saying that it will next be subject to revision, research and more revision.  But, wow.  This is closer than I’ve ever been to ending anything.  And I’ve started a bunch.

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