Movie Weaknesses

In my 100-Things post I almost didn’t include movies #9 and #10, because I don’t believe they are for general consumption. But I did enjoy them.

I am blessed (yes, I do count it a blessing) to have a husband who enjoys “snuggly movies” (romantic comedies) with me, even though I won’t watch certain things with him (He loved the Matrix and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. I don’t watch R-rated movies). I’m glad he doesn’t keep score.

Anyway, we’ve had a string of -13s we’ve watched where we enjoyed the story, but each had a distinct drawback that keeps it from being fully recommendable:

  • Hitch (#9)– great angle about being detailed and conscientious in relationships. Ruined by gratuitous course language. Not something we are willing to own.
  • Bewitched (#10)– Sweet story about being genuine; and as most of the magic is “fairytale” stuff (as opposed to darkly empowered), we chose to buy that one. But I don’t like the “hex” scene, with the dancing around a cauldron (and a few lines of dialogue the hex inspired). I choose to skip those.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Smith was a Jay choice– I was pleased to finally have something of his to agree to– and the story itself was fascinating, but the spouse-to-spouse pummeling was just too much for me.
  • Music and Lyrics was what we saw yesterday. Jay and I had the same sort of reaction: That was so. fun. but

The largest drawback here was the overt sexuality of the young female singer, who was shown several times dancing around in next-to-nothing.

I told Jay we ought to buy it anyway and he could just use his media program to edit those scenes out. Especially since there’s stuff in it we really liked.

He’s still thinking about it.

5 thoughts on “Movie Weaknesses

  1. hi Amy!
    Love, love, love your blog! So glad I found it. I can identify with your 100 things posts. (great by the way) I look forward to reading more here. :)

  2. Yeah, I wasn’t too thrilled with whatever-her-name’s dancing and costumes, either; as in, does we have to be here for this and can I actually recommend this movie? The only reason I wasn’t thoroughly disgusted is because the movie made fun of it and that I loved! He he.

  3. Going in with your eyes wide-open is, I believe, a requirement for any discerning viewer.

    I *highly* recomend the Plugged-in reviews in the “Movie Info” section of my links (front page).

    While I am the sort that will even read spoilers b/c I do. not. like being surprised in a negative way, I think even people who like to be surprised should make informed decisions about what they’re going to go see.

  4. This is what we ended up doing, btw.

    Editing out the provocative dance-moves/scenes out so we can enjoy a good movie without jumping up to preserve innocence.

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