On my mind

Stream-of-consciousness list.

  • Story for tomorrow’s post
  • Table book someone loaned me at church
  • *fussy* discontented boy in my lap
  • Jay does this with the baby too: Boy’s not happy anyway? I’ll just do what I want.
  • *cluttered* house
  • not wanting to scrape dinner together
  • run-down being up multiple times with babay
  • new bible study this morning
  • needing to find/call for info they asked from me
  • What is my Bible time supposed to look like?
  • Psalm 61 today. Read it out loud. Perfect for now. Love the line, “You’ve given me the heritage of those who fear your name.”
  • Lack of sleep
  • Guess there is one much-better-than-slapped-together dinner that wouldn’t be to awful to work on. (Bonus: it’s Jay’s favorite soup.)
  • Oh. And I promised Melody I’d make ice cream for dessert. That’s not so awful. I like ice cream.
  • I’ll try walking the boy again…

4 thoughts on “On my mind

  1. As much as I loved having a baby, I will not miss this part of it. Wish I could come over and walk your little one for you while you took a breather.

    don’t know how you do it!

  2. So we had soup with no bread.

    The girl seemed confused. The soup isn’t something they enjoy, so they like to lean heavily on the bread. I said Mama was too tired to do both.

    We did have ice cream though– good rich chocolate stuff. The sort made with heavy cream, so the soft ice cream is stretchy coming out of the maker, and coats the inside of your mouth with the rich milkfat and flavor of real chocolate.

    Good. stuff.

  3. I agree. Even though the content of your thoughts seem filled with things to do, it also seems placid. :)

    One of my brother-in-law’s favorite questions about anything is, “What does the Bible say?” Perhaps we could find more, but what I get from Psalms is that Bible time is “supposed” to look like you really enjoy it! That is basically it because if you enjoy it, you’re going to appreciate and praise God and memorize His commandments and stuff like that. ;)

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