Finding Motivation in a Movie

What Jay and I loved in the movie Music and Lyrics was the nuts and bolts of the musical elements.

If you don’t know already, the movie centers around an 80s has-been singer’s need to write a song in x-days for a currently popular singer, in order to revitalize his career. Add a female lyricist and you’ve got your forced interaction for your RomCom.

What none of the trailers (or even the set-up in the movie itself) prepared us for was the creating of the “demo” song.

That might have been the 2nd or 3rd greatest part in the whole movie (and there were some good lines).

You get to watch the guy playing each of the instruments, one after the other, and building the accompaniment track that the pair than sings their demo duet over.

Watching that, Jay was re-inspired to get back to playing piano. And wanting me to do more regular work on guitar.

We were both doing both instruments for a while, and then decided to specialize. Having different instruments also helps preclude discouragement by comparison, since I have a stronger background in music than Jay does.

Watching that measure of competency yesterday (even if the actor was faking it, we know people–like my dad– who could do it) really resonated with Jay, and recreated a hunger and sense of motivation to be diligent in studying his instrument.

I’m thrilled. I never got so far on my writing as I did when Jay got behind me for my NaNo writing. His continual interest since then has been so encouraging and motivating that I’m convinced he’s the reason I’m still working on it.

I see a direct parallel between that and his wanting to work together on music. I’m exited at what we could accomplish.

The plan is to take 1/2-hour each night after dinner’s cleaned-up, alternating who practices each night, and having the other parent play with the kids.

I really think this can work. I’m eager to see the fruit of it.

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