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I don’t know what’s up with me and lists. You’d think these sorts of things would discourage me…be depressing. Everything I can’t/don’t do… (I do all types of these).

But in a weird way they’re encouraging too. Putting them down helps me see what really real (I had to dig for the last two [list on the original post]– and really they aren’t as critical, I just thought the list needed padding) so I actually only have 3 things to figure out, whereas, when I started the list, I felt buried under a mountain of unknowns.

And then, especially with day-to-day not-dones, I look at the list and see how well we all can survive with so much left undone. It also gives me a tangible list to prioritize and work from.

For example, the dried noodles under Melody’s chair can be really annoying (and even painful) when I’m trying to do something in that area, but cleaning some dishes to cook dinner in is more important than vacuuming or picking up that area. And so is sitting to cuddle Melody while she watches “Wooma Weed!” She has a high cuddle need, but isn’t really good at asking for it before she melts down. Movies sometimes help fill that gap. So do certain books.

Food, clothes, and cuddling (not necessarily in that order) are, I’ve decided, the priorities in this house.

That, and I get nap-times to myself. In case you’re wondering, that’s when I write (or after bed-time, like now).

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