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When a kid is this young, I don’t think it’s presumptuous to use two- or three-days-in-a-row to identify a pattern. This kid’s been consistently waking up (and staying awake, which bugs me more) between 4/4:30a.m. and resisting all efforts to crash him in less than an hour.

Last night I kept him awake a bit longer (and he kept himself up much longer) and it seemed to work. He didn’t wake until after 6 (wanting to stay-up, I mean).

During the evening “filler,” I read while I nursed him (which is normal evening routine) but after he was done, he was interested in “conversing” for a while. Lots of eye-contact, the “talking” mouth, and expressive face. Very fun.

We discussed my novel (I’m over 10,000 words now– that’s some sort of milestone, right?) and the book I was reading (finished it last night, but it’s still listed today), while Jay and the girls were off at the playground.

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