7 Quick-Takes (Vol. 10)

Another brain-dump thanks to Jenn’s lovely idea at Conversion Diary.

Enough on my mind I did two this week (another one at Family News)

~ ~ 1 ~ ~

The novel.  I am closer and closer.  It’s constantly on my mind– almost like nesting.  Which I hate, in theory.

~ ~ 2 ~ ~

Someday I want to write down what I’ve been describing as the “math” of the story.  This is composed of several elements, but math just seems like the best word so far:

  • The way each event after the inciting event needs to be precipitated by something that came before (nothing is random in a well-done story)
  • The weaving of view points, physical (story) location, and story lines to maintain or increase tension
  • The awareness of time and space as part of the storylogic.

~ ~ 3 ~ ~

Love it and can’t use it–So onto the blog it goes.

This moment takes place before the scene (in the final version) actually starts– so it won’t appear in the novel.

Kennett felt the blood stop flowing to his hand as they saw a silhouette rise between them and the fire. Torbjorn had clasped his arm, for the figure approaching was obviously female. And unaccompanied.

It’s the moment the brothers have been hunkered down and waiting for– thinking they’ll collect more information about the kidnapped wife, and now it appears she herself is being sent toward their hiding place.

It doesn’t really work as a scene any more, because it was written in the traditional light/darkness cycle farther from the arctic circle, and I’m telling you no one is walking about in the dark of June.  Especially since the closest you find is going to be between 1 and 3 a.m.

~ ~ 4 ~ ~

I have a bunch of cassettes I’ve been picking up from thrift stores and I’m working at “digitizing” them now– recording them onto the computer so that I can snip them into individual songs and have (legal) digital copies to mix and make playlists on my iPod.

Cassettes are 50-cents, so buying one for a single song is much better than a $4 CD (For that I’ll buy by the song alone) and *fabulous* when I like multiple songs.

(I’ve mentioned before I create playlists that capture a character’s personality throughout its evolution.  Usually on YouTube, because it’s free, but lately– especially as the songs most important to me have become unavailable– I’ve begun buying them.)

~ ~ 5 ~ ~

Picked up the 10th Anniversary “special edition” Pride and Predudice BBC production + how-we-did-it book for $5.50 Tuesday.  Watched my favorite scenes from the 2005 version to compare styles.

There’s a point when Darcy comes to visit Elizabeth and makes a comment about some women liking to be farther away from home/their mothers once they’re married.

“You for example, wouldn’t mind being so far from [home].”

And I couldn’t tell if it were a question or an observation, but I whooped, calling Jay over to listen to the line.

Before we were engaged (sometime in April, I believe) Jay asked me if I thought I could be happy anywhere but Fairbanks.  I went to my mom that same night and told her (in high anxiety) I expected a proposal soon. (“Are you sure you’re not just borrowing trouble?” she asked, and I told her his question.)


The funny part is that Jay was trying to feel me out for a proposal, but thought he was being so subtle and clever, trying to go under my radar.

Anyway, because of that event there was no subtle or casual way for me to read that observation of Darcy’s.

~ ~ 6 ~ ~

Trying to determine the level of PDA for my novel has been an interesting exercise.

Back when I was firmly resisting any idea of “seriousness” in my relationship with Jay, I always wondered if my parents cuddled more right before my visits with him in order to make me more wistful and willing to be snugly myself.

Because if that was their goal it worked.

~ ~ 7 ~ ~

Came across a new way of writing a teaser, and based on that (“First 25-pages”) model, this is what mine looks like (Sorry Becky for sending it to you already– I forgot I had 7QTF to set this out for.)

For my almost-finished (again) work, The Sarsé’s Lindorm:

When Linnea faces the grey-skinned man unearthing her father’s coffin, she has no idea it is about a knife. When Tykone uses that knife to attack a dragon-like snake, the lindorm, he has no idea he’s wounding a missing prince. And the perfect Prince Torbjorn, who believes he is to inherit the throne, has no idea when he dutifully goes off to wed his arranged bride that she might have to train Linnea to be queen in her place. The grey-skinned stranger guesses, only he has come North to leave behind the world of magic in the hot lands.

But evil magic has followed him—and under the unsetting sun of summer it will seek new entertainment. And revenge.

Naturally the reason I give it is for suggestions/feedback, so feel free to share your wisdom (or opinions, if that’s all you have to offer ;) ).

I really hate the word “revenge”.  I know it is a real and frequent motivator, but any time a read a description like the one I just gave you, I roll my eyes (feel free to tell me you didn’t).

Blessings on your day!

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