Yes and (Na)No

I am still working on my novel in a new way, but I’ve let go the idea of making 50,000 words this year (meaning in this year’s event– the 30 days).

My home and children are calling me in new ways, and I don’t want to neglect that call.

At the same time, I feel a need to get my first draft finished soon enough to respond to an editor’s interest while she still remembers me. My first chapters have changed enough that I can’t trust she’ll recognize me by the work.

So here is my new(est) quandary: finding contentment despite the unknown– in every realm.

One thought on “Yes and (Na)No

  1. I haven’t given up on 25,000 words for the month, but it’s looking less sure than it was. It has been really hard to work here in Oklahoma this week even on my Right to Life stuff, much less my NaNo. But I have absolutely loved the times I HAVE worked on it, so I know I want to continue.

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