Why Euthanasia isn’t Merciful

Euthanasia has been defined as “mercy killing.”

What I was reminded of this week is that, for honest Christians at least, there can be no such thing.

Bible-believing Christians know that judgment comes after death, and how can hastening God’s judgment on an individual be mercy? We do not know their hearts, only what they’ve shown us. How can we know but God’s reason for allowing the suffering (and therefore, continued life) holds more mercy then throwing someone unready on the unavoidable Judgment?

3 thoughts on “Why Euthanasia isn’t Merciful

  1. Neither had I, before Saturday.

    It was just some comment on Christian radio, but it was huge for me. All the arguments and reasons I’d heard before now centered around the sacredness of human life, and the pro-euths tried to use that too.

    It was the starkness, I think, of this. The finality of death = Judgment that brought everything into such clear focus.

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