The Shadow of the Bear — book review

Finally wrote another book review.

About the first of those books I wanted.

I’ve read two now, but with moving I’m feeling my own frailty, and the second book was too tenuous too long for me to be ready to spend the review time with it right now.

It was also good, and it was gratifying to see the writing mature from one book to the next, but… perhaps if you read them both you’ll understand what I mean.

Go. Find. Read.

Quite worth it.

2 thoughts on “The Shadow of the Bear — book review

  1. Got enough to do with moving mom-ing and the novel.

    I’ve been feeling incredibly weak lately, and each of those three seem at times an escape from the others.

    Probably because discipline requires otherwise, I currently want to be hiding my introvert-hungry self in my novel. But here I go: off to face an evening (and tomorrow) of crowds.

    Pray for me ;)

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