What I’m doing in November

I realized I never actually said what I was working on.

I am currently imagining an expansion of the King Lindorm story (a variety of tales from Northern Europe), since that should give me a nice long something to work with, without having to create a whole structure out of air.

A lindorm is basically a wingless dragon.

So King Lindorm, in its original form gathers many typical fairy tale elements:

  • A barren queen
  • A helpful old woman
  • Directions not followed
  • Tragedy at birth
  • the separating of twins
  • The wicked step-mother
  • The passive (if living) blood father
  • Beauty and the beast elements
  • Death and dismemberment
  • The good-hearted woodsman
  • trying to get out of a bad bargain one made with hell, having to do with one’s soul
  • Long-distance communication and mail tampering
  • A war with no mentioned casualties
  • general misunderstandings that wouldn’t be if people actually talked
    • this is going to be the first thing to go. It always drives me *nuts*!
  • Villain’s punishment: being pulled by galloping horses in a nail-pierced barrel (*Gack!*)
    • This has been done in a book recently, so I’m re-writing that ending. I’ve come up with something else I like even more– though, I can’t say I really liked the nail-filled barrel, so maybe that doesn’t say enough.

I’m actually not interested in (much) modernizing or lampooning. I think it’s a cool story for its genre, so I’m working with what’s there to tell the story I want to tell.

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  1. Amy, it’s Chris again from NaNo.

    At the risk of sound ridiculous, would you be my buddy at NaNo? I have questions about this that a more experienced person could help me with.

    Let me know, would you? Thanks–Chris

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