WFMW– Managing Tele-fundraisers

Tele-fundraisers– you know, like telemarketers, only they’re just asking for money, instead of trying to sell something.

I’ve nearly stopped receiving calls selling something, and we’re in between elections, so no more political pitches, but I still occasionally get calls asking for money for this or that organization.

These organizations have varying degrees of value or interest to me, but I now have a standard line for all of them:

“We have a house policy of never giving donations over the phone, as it encourages calling to solicit money.”

The last time this happened (Thursday evening), the caller tried to assure me it wasn’t over the phone because they would be mailing me a recipit. (Hmmm.)

As he seemed to want it, I (seriously!) gave him the whole schpeal:

Anyone who wants us to support them must send the request in the mail, along with a record of how they spend their money, including how much goes to fund-raising. With those materials in front of us my husband and I will decide if this is something we’re willing to support.

This type of a policy does several things to promote healthy patterns of giving.

  • it encourages accountability (I’ve been told some organizations spend 40% and more of what they bring in to raise more money.)
  • it curbs impulse or “emotional” giving that may be unwise
  • it allows time to pray over an opportunity, and be sure it is the best place to invest your generosity.

I’m all for supporting the ministry of trustworthy organizations: they have the connections and usually the experience to see the money is well managed.

The strike against telephone solicitors is the same as that against the people asking for money on the street: The need may be genuine, and the money may be well-spent, but the decision would be rushed either way, and not be subject to any closer scrutiny.

Money you give to a question-mark is money you can’t give elsewhere, so I urge you to use wisdom and discernment as you decide where to give.

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10 thoughts on “WFMW– Managing Tele-fundraisers

  1. My husband had a friend who worked for a telemarketing company for a little while. His friend told us that the companies put in a bid to whatever organization they’re calling for, and that they only give that much… Anything they raise above that goes straight to the telemarketing company. I decided that I’d like to see our money going towards the organization itself, not a solicitor. I always say, “I’ll have to talk to my husband.” That never seems to satisfy them, though, so I’m going to try your line next time! :-)

  2. I really like that answer. I’ve usually simply said (truthfully) that my husband and I have already planned our giving. But they rarely take that for an answer, and I usually end up hanging up on them, which I hate doing. I think I’ll try yours and see how it goes!

  3. This is a great idea. There are so many good causes, but you can only give so much. This is a good way to control it.

  4. I’m bummed that you changed your look…I LOVED the image of the tree-roots and thought it worked perfectly with your blog title. I had hoped that was the “permanent” look you had settled on.

  5. Becky–

    I might bring back the root pix, but I needed more *color*. That, along with a few detail peeves, made me get rid of that theme.

    Still haven’t found exactly what I’m looking for, but pretend I’ll know it when I see it.

  6. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this WFMW!!! I’m going to print it out and put it next to the phone! I’ve been wanting to tell them this exact thing but wasn’t sure of how to word it. This is perfect! Thanks!!!

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