WFMW– Frozen Strawberries

This is the best way I’ve yet found to cool (overly) hot cereal.

Naturally the whole thing is tied to a story.

We used to use ice cubes, but one morning when we’d not been long back from a travel there was no ice in the freezer.  It had been a one thing on top of another morning and I griped at my husband as he passed through the room.

“Put something else cold in it,” he said placidly.

“Like what—Peas?”  Then I remembered the bag of frozen strawberries in our big freezer.

Jay returned as I was adding one to Melody’s cereal.

“Look at this and tell me I’m brilliant,” I said.
“Oh I’ve never doubted you were brilliant,” he said, easily. “Only your higher math and organizational skills.”

I had to laugh.

A little bit later he came back into the room and said, “Now me, I’ve got the higher math skills, but I’m just as ‘Organizationally challenged.’”

(I think it’s this sort of speaking-the-truth that I’m referring to when I talk about not being able to make characters like me.)

It is something rare and (frequently) precious to have a peaceful relationship where this kind of exchange is natural.

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4 thoughts on “WFMW– Frozen Strawberries

  1. We used up all our frozen fruit and I didn’t buy more because it got too chilly for smoothies. Now I’ll have to get some strawberries. Great idea!

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