WordPress/this blog is acting weird.

The text isn’t supposed to be centered all down the page, and the links are supposed to be running along-side in that nice empty space to the right.


Oh well. Maybe it will self-correct next weekend when Jay updates the WP version. I’ll get some new templates to play with too. Jay has wanted to be in charge of updates and stuff. So I’m just waiting until he’s ready/free to do it.

He updated the budget this weekend, which was very cool. I am so thankful he sees that as his job.

Word-count sits at 26,810 right now. I haven’t yet been able to get back into the website to update my daily count, so it may be less-accurate than I’d like for today. But at least I’ve made back some time. I only got about 700-words in the two days before today, so I was getting a bit nervous.

Feeling again like this isn’t going to meet my goal of having something to work into publishable material.

Jay encouraged me, saying whatever I end up with, the process of writing itself was being very educational for me, and other useful things that I’ve sometimes told myself, but were good to hear just now.

I asked him to pray encouragement for me. The idea of investing this much time just in “practice” is a little intimidating.

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  1. Maybe if you think of the time spent on a college education, it won’t seem so intimidating. College is, in essence, four years or so of “practice.” But the educational process is important in the development of our skills.

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