A little competition is all I need…

For the first half of NaNo I was riding between or ahead of my two “buddies” that were in the front of my pack of four.

Then I had a few days of Elisha not napping when the girls did, and not wanting to be up until 11+ and my count slid. I still did a little everyday, but that was almost pathetic: less-than 400 2-days in a row, and I fell miserably behind those two.

Like, thousands of words behind them.

So I went poking around until I found someone else whose word count was closer to mine and had a reasonable daily pace (not one of those ignore it for 5 days than write 8,000-types). I added him to my buddy-list to watch his progress and became instantly more productive. I had a goal (Pass this guy) and even better I was at an exciting point in my story.

I’ve been just flying these last two days. I really ought to find a second somebody, so this doesn’t start to look personal ;-9

Anyway, current word-count: 37,351

I’m continually amazed that I’ve now spent this many words on one story. And there’s still more to go. I still wonder if the story will be done (or close to it) when I reach goal.

Another angle of amazed: I’m impressed I’ve stuck with this. Not that I don’t enjoy it (when I sit down and do it I usually do), but there are so many other enjoyments calling for my attention– that piano class I’m attending weekly, for example.  I’ve been glad Jay’s on-board with me, since if it were just me I probably would have found 25,000 enough to be impressed with for now and come back to it later.

Now I know what 37,000 feels like, and about how long it can take to get there. I’m very curious to see 50,000.

One thought on “A little competition is all I need…

  1. Hi there!

    You are a writing wonder! I’m so proud of everyone, including me, who didn’t even break 20,000.

    Keep in touch–I’ll add you to to my writer’s blog and w&w.


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