Tykone and Rickard

Did I mention I met some of my characters in real life?

Here’s Tykone. A smidge older, perhaps, than in the book. And lacking context. He was not a lot taller than me, which was part of what flagged me I’d found Tyko.

Yes, I told him why I wanted his picture. I’m sure that contributed to the bemused face (and this is the second one. I barely had the nerve to ask him to take off his work hat, but this was the look I wanted). How many times do you get someone saying (yes, I was squirming inside) “Can I have your picture? You look just like one of the characters in my novel.”

And I totally guessed this guy’s right-age based on Rickard’s story-age.

The light was bad, but I was just glad to see him and get the nerve again to ask for a picture.

This guy asked (which I actually appreciated) if his character was good. And I (not wanting to lie, but also not wanting him to change his mind) said that Rickard tries to be. That his methods aren’t always the best, but he really does mean well.

Which is completely true.

It would totally be a Fear Factor kind of experiment, but I’ve considered bringing my good camera (and an official card/photo release) to the fair this year.  Once I snapped the second guy (all I had was my old iPhone, and the light was dismal) I kept noticing all the fabulous faces around me.  So much more interesting and deep than the stuff you find in a magazine.

And good-looking, too.  I mean, both these guys are good-looking, but I’ve never seen either of them (or their types) in print so I was thrilled to see them in person.

Maybe my natural enthusiasm/gratitude would make other people feel special?

I hope it could.

The only problem, of course, is that no one sees themselves as a supporting character…


4 thoughts on “Tykone and Rickard

  1. I always cast my characters but I usually do them with movie stars. I don’t know if I could have had the guts to do what you did!

    Hope you are doing well! Hi from Chicago!

  2. 1. “Tykone” looks just right! Though I think I pictured him dark-haired, which must have been a mistake on my part.

    2. I think I’m coming around just fine to being a supporting character. I’m okay with that as my role right now in life. It’s not MY story…I’m just a part of a bigger one.

  3. 1. Doesn’t he though!

    And does that mean Rickard doesn’t look right? Probably he just doesn’t look hard enough? I think that was sort of the point for me. In this first novel, especially, I’ve avoided “creating souls for destruction.” I’m already bracing myself for the human bad guy(s) in the next one. I’m glad I’ve had this long to (mentally) ramp myself up to it.

    2. This is interesting, thinking of your connection to Miller’s book at one time. I’m not okay with it, yet.
    That is, I don’t need a big story, but I need a direction. A trajectory that is mine.

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