Two New Words

I haven’t post a “word” post in eons.  So here are two that I’ve recently fallen in love with.


Not as the dictionary defines it, necessarily, but as it was used in our “Cannon” class at church.

In that context it was used at the word that describes the inerrancy in scripture, not only in its content, but in the precise choice of words used in the original language to convey that content.

Jay leaned over to me after the Pastor read his definition and said, “That is your word.”

And he’s right.  I love the definition I heard because it encapsulates what I’ve tried to convey by saying there are better and worse ways to phrase things, even when the end result basically means the same thing.


The Hebrew word from the Old Testament, defined (by my teacher.  Again, I fell in love with her version before I looked it up myself): to hear intelligently with attention; attentive and careful listening and regard with the implication of obedience.

Naturally I could help but think of this in terms of storytelling.  And I started mentally playing with the idea that if I ever started an actual “business” to try and make money telling stories, it would be cool to me to try and use that word (for the first part of its definition) as part of the business name.

It added an interesting element to the idea when I googled the word and found (among other things) it is

A singing bird of India, noted for the sweetness and power of its song. In confinement it imitates the notes of other birds and various animals with accuracy.

Anyway, bringing up storytelling-as-a-business means I really ought to just make a post about the series of careers I’ve got “lined up.”

Not that I expect them all to happen, just (as I think I mentioned before) I am interested in more things than I can do at one time, so I number things out.  For… some purpose, it feels like.

But for now, there are two new (to me) words that I’ve enjoyed.

Does anyone else collect words?  There must be some…

Blessings on your day!

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