The Career Queue

So here’s the list I’ve mentally refered to for a while, lined out for my own clarity and the entertainment of others.

  1. Motherhood
  2. Writer
  3. Storyteller
  4. Photographer (this was my B.A., after all.  Ought to do something with it…)
  5. Wedding coordinator (not “planner,” coordinator. Helping the couple make choices, maybe, but mostly keeping everything running smoothly the main days of the event.)  My mom said she’d do this one with me.  We’d be *awesome.*
  6. Clothes designer (this one comes to mind when I’m looking for shirts of a certain length, or thinking how to dress my girls as children).

These are roughly in the order I’m interested in them, except for 4 and 5.  Those are about the same level, I don’t know which I’d choose first.  Probably depends on what oppertunity was availible at the time.

My favorite “wedding tip” for the bride and groom (note I said wedding tip, not marriage tip): The groom should carry a little bottle of hand-sanitizer (like Purell) in his pocket, and share with his bride after the receiving line or wherever else it seems appropriate.

Especially if she is wiping her eyes without a tissue after shaking all those hands and hugging a mass of people, she is at a major risk for catching some cold or virus from somebody there.

Easily avoidable.  Think of it as safeguarding your honeymoon.

~ ~ ~

Sallie has a very interesting quote from Oswald Chambers at the bottom of a thoughtful post.

Beware of harking back to what you were once when God wants you to be something you have never been.

I sometimes wonder if I would really do any of these (besides the momming and the writing) even if I had the oppertunity.  And on that level I am actually thankful I haven’t been called upon to make that choice now.

As I grow older and get to know myself and my Father’s voice better, I expect I will more accurately be able to discern where exactly he wants me, and then I will have the sweet confidence I have now, that I am in the center of God’s will for the season I am in.

And I relish the peace that comes with that.

2 thoughts on “The Career Queue

  1. actually, the groom (and the bride) would be better served by using an NON-ALCOHOL based hand sanitizer. Purell and similar alcohol-gels are under attack for causing dry/irritated skin, having limited effectiveness (doesn’t penetrate dirty hands, and also dries and becomes ineffective within seconds after applying.)

    Alcohol-free/rinse free hand sanitizers are on their way to becoming the standard. The quality products (one is called Soapopular— incorporate benzalkonium chloride as the active–the same organic compound used in a variety of consumer health care products and antiseptics–including feminine hygiene products. You’ll also find benzalkonium chloride as the active in most spermicidal agents–a benefit that some honeymooners might appreciate

  2. And now I feel released from storytelling– whether for a season or forever, I don’t know yet, so that bumps everything up a notch. ;)

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