Try Again?

Don’t know if I should reattempt last-year’s resolution.

I made it four months last year without buying books… for me.  I had said I’d go all year, because I had enough to read that I doubt I’d run out.

I even started a “worth reading” page that linked to the reviews of the books I’d read.

The whole of it became an embarrassment (of sorts).

I found I didn’t really want to write about every book I read or re-read, even when I liked them (Coraline and Sport were two examples in one week), and some books I wanted to read but wondered how it would “look” to admit I had.

This is legitimate, I think, on something like LibraryThing where observers might get the wrong idea of your mind and character (i.e., if you have a book there you bought to dissect rather than to feed you).

The niggling that ate me was slightly less mature.  Especially considering Coraline and Sport were examples of books I wondered on.

The trouble is that, on the whole, I seem to have excellent timing (or else, people are constantly throwing away good books– which is probably true), and when I see a book I’ve seriously considered picking up at full price, it seems silly to pass on it at $2-$7.

I bought nine of  those today.  Nine $2 books.  (Two were even on my Amazon wish list!)

And this I’ve been doing all year.  I have more than enough (unless my consumption pattern dramatically changes) to make it through the next year… but it’s so fun playing treasure hunt it’s hard to tell myself I won’t do it at all…

Dunno yet, but I still have time to think about it.

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