Books are Useful

Today I stood in line an inordinately, unnaturally long time at McDonalds.

The children were climbing through tunnels like contented gerbils and I had a book to read, so I was able to wait more patiently than most.

While waiting (while reading!) my mind wandered to earlier in the afternoon where I left some of my soda bread biscuits with my hostess.  She had glowed about how delicious they were, and while I was surprised at her enthusiasm, I appreciated it enough not to question it.

About this same time, still standing near the counter, I also remembered a random Dooce post I’d read where she glowed about how good food tastes now that she’s pregnant.  The delicious idea of my plain bread being elevated by pregnancy magic struck me so hard I laughed out-loud (she is pregnant– I wasn’t laughing at the possibility).

An older gentleman waiting nearby looked at me questioningly and I smiled and went back to pretending to read my book, still fighting the giggles– this time brought on by imagining how this scene might have looked without the book.

Yes, I’ll admit I’m still riding high on a sleep deficit.

But here’s what I’ve gotten done:

3 thoughts on “Books are Useful

  1. Maybe two more nights.

    Then (depending how I feel), I’ll start the three of the other knot. (I had the brainwave of bagging them individually to keep the pieces together and now they’re stacked on top of backing material on the desk behind my computer.

  2. Those quilts are amazing. I love the pattern. I might steal it for my next project.

    Also, I’m glad you published the end of Zohak, or the beginning. . .

    I didn’t even think to Google it, and that makes me laugh.

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