Trained Antipathies?

I wonder how many of our likes and dislikes are tied directly to what we can and can’t do (or think we can and can’t do).

What if everything we disliked (for example, that game we hate to play) was only because we wern’t good at it?

If I was honest enough to see that, would I go on as I was, or try to change what I can do?

2 thoughts on “Trained Antipathies?

  1. I really suck at violin but I loooooove to play it and it’s my top instrument to listen to.

    I hate hate hate hate baseball. Because it’s boring. I can’t think of a time i’ve ever played it.

    I love everything crafty, painting with watercolors especially, sewing, knitting, crocheting, drawing, coloring, digital art, etc. Also, photography, bicycling, travel, genealogy, hair braiding, stars, music, movies, and of course writing. I’m better and some things than others, but I don’t consider myself particularly accomplished at any of them. Not yet anyway.

    The only thing i’m good at is reading I guess. And I really really love doing that.

    Is it your birthday in Alaska yet? Happy Birthday again!

  2. I was thinking about a conversation this evening where a guy who reads music said he didn’t like choruses because there was no music to read harmonizes from.

    My parents can harmonize by ear, and have no issues with “new” music, so I wondered if there was a connection.

    Elisha just won a new game that makes me think too much about something off-novel. Totally uninterested in playing it last night, even though it looks like a cool way to tweak your brain. (It’s actually growing on me, now that I’m done cleaning up the novel.) I wasn’t interested because I didn’t want to learn something new right then.

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