Final stats for round five: 105,576 words, 39 scenes (depending on how you count), and 358 pages.

I was making a list of words to scan through and do clean-up on, but I think I’ll do that while they’re out with the test group.  I don’t expect line-editing from them, so I can do that while they look at the story.

I’m itching to read the whole thing again before I print it out, but I fear that would be a never-ending cycle.  So… happy birthday to me, I’m printing my novel today. I mean, tomorrow.

Jay was really jazzed about doing electronic copies to everyone, but the local people all want something in their hands, so I’ll get our printer busy with that.


I want to bind them too– maybe with cardstock covers for durability/portability, but I’m afraid that will look cheesy.  Thoughts?

10 thoughts on “DONE.

  1. Thanks Cassandra– To answer your (sort-of) question from yesterday, Alaska time is 4-hours different from east-coast time, so you’ll know how to find the difference from Michigan-time now. I’m bad about keeping track of that stuff, myself.

    Based on your commenting times you must keep horrid (forgive me) writers’ hours, you young-person, you.

  2. Wow that’s a lit of paper!!! Binding with any cover will be fine. Actually veloninding or spiral binding may work best. I had someone send me loose paper. What a nightmare.

    Now I forgot, am I in the test group? Or am I in the further along edit group?

  3. Blue– I’d imagined sending you electronic copy, but e-mail me your preference and we’ll work with that. You’re doing me a favor, so I can be flexible.

  4. Spiral binding with plastic sheet protector covers would work.

    Would it be cheaper to run off copies at a copy store rather than use all your paper and ink in your printer?

  5. Not at .07/page.

    And Jay told me to print in “draft” mode.

    I reduced it to single-spaced (general readers shouldn’t need loads of comment room)and combined with some border tweaking got me down to 162 pages. About a 1/2 inch of paper.

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