Theology in my novel.

“What a writer is intellectually, morally, spiritually, emotionally will radiate through the work, like the light on an overcast day in which there is no visible sun, so that all things appear illuminated equally.”

–Joyce Carol Oates

Started a new devotional this morning, and a quote from the first lesson brought me back to my novel:

“Man’s perennial efforts to take himself in hand, however he attempts it, lead to the greatest bondage in which man misses what he was meant to be…. He only gains this as he denies himself. Paradoxically, the free man does not belong to himself. He belongs to him who has set him free. “

–J. Blunck in The New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology

This quote so intrigues me because for a long time it has been established that the djinn (by their nature) are bound in obedience to their parent(s), until such time as they owe someone else more.  In my story it is exactly true that each individual belongs to the one who freed him or her.

And it can be argued the result is not race-specific. As in (at first blush), this affect seems to hold true for humans as well.  (Does that count as a spoiler?)

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