The Tea, the tea, the lovely tea…

I felt I ought to give a wrap up since I mentioned it here several times.

The Care Net Sonshine Tea fundraiser was Saturday morning.

Two notes to self (if I ever do this again– and I might):

  1. Don’t get injured the week before you’re going to be racing all over a giant room for hours (co-)directing and getting things ready.
  2. Be present every time directions are given to a new group of people.

I loved Friday’s work.  I knew or met everyone right away.  I gave directions and worked with people and we had an amazing crew that made getting things done feel like magic.

(This wasn’t just me– Mom was doing it too, but there was enough to be done we just grabbed whoever we needed– or was near– and put them to work).

Saturday I didn’t come early, I just came in time for my Saturday assignment: checking guests in and directing them to the right tables (perfect job for the gimp: I got to sit).  The problem: when wrap-up came the crew of youngsters (briefed early a.m. by Mom) could not understand why *I* was briefing them now, or why they should do what I said.

They finally started doing as I asked, but it was much more clumsy than they’d been yet that day and seemed to me more for a lack of other direction than any spirit of obedience or service.

So that was frustrating.

But I liked much better “running” things and making decisions and directing a crew than I had liked hostessing a table.  That was fine of course, but I’m used to small groups of 2 or 3, and being responsible for keeping conversation alive among eight at a 5-foot table… not my gift.


The highlight of the morning, I think, was when a young lady (in her short-short cut-offs) got up front and told the story of coming scared to the Center at 17, expecting judgment and contemplating abortion.  She shared how seeing her son’s heartbeat on the ultrasound screen completely flooded her heart and made her wonder how could have even considered ending his life for her mistakes.

When her story was over (brilliantly short and sweet, absolutely well-done), the center directer brought the girl’s baby up to her and the entire room stood and aplauded.

There were simply no words for that moment.  We all knew we were looking at a brave young woman, and the reason the center exists.

~ ~ ~

The tea was a good exercise in being graciously invisible. My job, the job of the committee, was to see that details were anticipated and met before they became “issues,” and since nothing gets noticed until it’s a problem I wasn’t much noticed.  And that was a good thing.

Especially since one of my goals was not to do more than I wanted to, and I met that goal.

The scripture I found the morning of the tea was a peaceful affirmation of invisibility, and I shared it during the closing benediction as a message to the donors who, other than a small thank you note, may feel unnoticed.

From Psalm 69:32-33a:

The humble will see their God at work and be glad.

Let all who seek God’s help be encouraged, for the Lord hears the cries of the needy.

Our highest goal is to bring glory to God and see His kingdom advanced, so that has to be my first thought and highest ambition.  And, you know, other than a tiny sigh here, I think I really do feel that way, and more than anything I am thankful for my not-needing to be big and strong noticed to know I’ve been effective.

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3 thoughts on “The Tea, the tea, the lovely tea…

  1. I am SO glad it went well and that you enjoyed the work! It’s gratifying to find a niche in volunteering that fits well with one’s talents.

    Our church had a ladies’ tea on Saturday, and I was a table hostess. I love setting up the table and serving the guests, but keeping conversation going is a huge CHORE for me! It takes every bit of my concentration and energy, and I still don’t feel like I do a good job. It’s vital to ensure there are extroverts at every table to keep things hopping…

  2. So are you starting to plan for next year? ;) What a wonderful statement from that young lady, that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? I hope you are back to normal soon.

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