The Ranger’s Apprentice #1– Book Review

New book review up.

I liked it.

Have I mentioned I don’t finish books I don’t like?  I’m cold that way.

I finish some that aren’t so great, but if I get a sense this is going South, I put it off with no regrets and move on.  There are too many good books in this world to waste time.

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4 thoughts on “The Ranger’s Apprentice #1– Book Review

  1. A lot of reviewers have the fifty page test. If they don’t get through they don’t finish.

  2. Well that’s nice to know.

    Really, that gives me an idea of how to lighten up and be more generous in reading other people’s stuff– you know, offer to do what an agent does: accept the 1st 25 pages and ask for more if that 25 hooks me.

    (Reciprocally, I figure that’s the way to offer my own stuff too. Less pressure all around.)

  3. I can’t do it. My desire to know what happens leaves me having to finish some really awful books. I’ve only ever not-finished one book. Tess of the D’Urbervilles disturbed me so much I refused to finish it. It was even an assignment for a college lit crit class, and I took a low grade on my unfinished paper rather than finish the book.

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