The Seer and the Sword– book review

New book review up.

Now I’ve loved two of this lady’s 3 novels, so I ought to read the third, but its premise (a priestess-in-training at a polytheistic temple) sort of creeps me a bit.  Not in a horror movie way, but in a The Lightning Thief way.

I have no doubt it will be well done, but I’m not sure I want to spend time with it.  Become invested in a world with an orange sky (as I used to say about the Anne MacCaffery books, where sex was as necessary and significant as drinking water.  Yeah.  I couldn’t finish the book).

Just got my second book in The Darkest Age today, and the opening scene is troubling enough I don’t know if I’ll review it or not.  So far I’m still planning on finishing the book, though.

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  1. I’m back from my cousin’s wedding. I’m exhausted. I posted some pics. I’ll post a bunch over lunch.

  2. My 7th grade teacher read Dragonsong, I absolutely loved it and devoured many more Anne McCaffery books. I had no idea what I was reading!! My hubby and I recently decided to do some serious reading with the boys, and he tried a few different books of hers out and I was shocked at what was in them!! Ugh! . . . So he just read them Dragonsong.

    Hmm, that looks like a nice site over there. I think it will be useful in the future, when the calves are a little older.

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