Starting Over?

Not quite.  But I did stay up past Midnight massaging in bits and pieces that till now have been left out.

I have set aside the “finished” version and have begun integrating all the bits of story I took out before I knew the ending.

Now that I know what’s going on all these extra things seem to fit more than ever.

Yes it’s long, and it’s getting longer, but if I can shift in my mind the types of book I am comparing it to, it no longer needs to be threatening.

I have eight new scenes to write, and depending on what I end up with I might actually have enough for two books after all.  But for now I’m plugging at one *long* book.

I think it would be delicious to have it all as one, but till I get farther I can’t be sure.  Don’t want to analyze too much now.  Too many variables.  But I will say this:

150,000 words is my (uneducated) goal at this point (just over 120,000, now).  Till I pass that you won’t hear me complain again about length.  It’s just an incredibly long story with lots happening.

And we might be back to the perennial complaint that there is no breathing room…

Just get it down. That’s the stage I’m at now.  It’s so different writing with the road map of what is already going on.

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