Finding the Perfect Gifts

I have always loved giving (and receiving) things that are *just right* so now I take notes.

If you have some kind of hand-held computer (I carry a Palm Pilot) designate some findable corner as the “gifts” section.

For my husband I have a section where I note what he has admired, or the type of music he’s been most interested in lately (and anything new I’ve learned about him that could turn into a gift idea).

For a while I had the model# of his electric shaver, because he commented on how much he loved the shaving heads when they were new. I’d check that aisle when ever I went shopping to see if they were on sale.

I also know what kind of orange juice and ice cream topping is his favorite “splurge,” for those times I want to make him feel special without spending a lot of money.

I don’t need to write those things in my palm (yet), but they follow the same principle: be a careful observer of those special to you, and the odds are good they’ll “tell” you what gifts will be significant to them.

(More ideas for the steadily approaching Valentine’s Day at Rocks in my Dryer.)

7 thoughts on “Finding the Perfect Gifts

  1. I love this! I am always so impressed by those who always find the perfect gift. I need to pay more attention.

    Loved the joke you left on my blog. Thanks for visiting!

  2. I have wish lists for people, too. I hate it when I forget to write things down and I can’t remember what it was they said the other day!

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