The Current Incarnation

Last updated 2-5-07

Anja’s step-sister Irene attempts to destroy her by offering Anja to the Queen as a “bride” for a lindorm (type of dragon) demanding a wife.

With magical advice Anja not only survives but reveals the monster as the elder twin prince, “lost” at birth. He is reinstated, and must eventually go to war with his father and brother, but not before his wife is pregnant.

She gives birth to twins, but must still deal with the threat of her power-hungry step-sister. Irene pulls several switches on incoming letters that culminate in another attempt on Anja’s life, supposedly on the orders of her husband. With help, she flees, taking her boys.

A woodsman helps hide them, but Anja soon learns he has troubles of his own. She is ready to “fall” for him (after ending his curse) when a mysterious woman shows up on the doorstep. She instantly intrigues Ivan, leaving Anja more confused than ever.

Kennett (the former lindorm) finds his way to the cottage and reconnects with Anja, returning with her to the palace.

Irene runs for the border.

2 thoughts on “The Current Incarnation

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  2. Hi there-

    My only comment is that the last 1/3 of your summary seems sketchy, possibly because it’s not completed?

    Either that OR the first part of it is a little too detailed.

    Does that make sense at all?

    The fact that you did a summay makes you my hero. They are the WORST!!!!!

    So, there are my comments. I’m not sure that they are helpful but it’s meant to be!

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