Great phone service

I just have to say how much I like it when folks will actually take good time to answer questions well on the phone, and treat you like a worthy/potential customer even before you are in the store.

(I had a bunch of entry-level questions about skis for skijoring. Appreciated the fellow being patient and thorough. Did the math and figured I haven’t done this for 10-years or so. Definitely need a refresher.)

2 thoughts on “Great phone service

  1. Where are you located and what type of course are you interrested in running streight or horse.

    We compete in the east and have several races. I would suggest a alpine race ski. GS or SL.

  2. In Alaska, and looking at a medium-sized dog, not a horse.

    Town-girl here. But Alaskan town-girl.

    The plan is to (re-)learn how to ski this winter, get the dog in spring (my b-day present) and train him/her over the summer to be ready at next snow.

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