CW’s Beauty and the Beast– a review of sorts

So I think I really understand for the first time this “good writing vs. good storytelling” dichotomy.

And I think this has to be an intensely personal thing, like your favorite salad, or something.

You see, salad isn’t like ice cream. Most people have a favorite kind of ice cream but not everybody eats salads. But as a former non-salad eater I suggest that the right salad kinda gets you started and you can start to look at green stuff with a little more acceptance.

Some people griped about the first Harry Potter book (I wasn’t one of them). More people criticized the whole Twilight series (I haven’t read them). And talking fingers filled essays with how such “horribly written” books could appeal to so many people. The short answer can be summarized in three words: Story trumps all.

I rolled with it. I didn’t really care. But I’m a story-lover first, and then a writer, so maybe the conclusion (STA) absolved any offense I might have considered taking on.

Images from Official B&B site.

But now I’ve got my own example/acceptance, and a bit of analysis.

I’ve been watching the CW’s Beauty and the Beast since the pilot (I’m sure it was Ruth who informed me of its existence- though I can’t find the post just now- I didn’t even know we had CW before I started looking for more info on the show).

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